Portable Fitness Equipment For Travel And Van Life

IMG_0300With the exception of an old footlocker that holds some personal effects (birth certificate, my blue cord and beret from the Army, my first black belt, etc.) that I keep at my mother’s house, everything that I own fits in my van.

So before making the van my home-on-wheels, I had to be very selective about my possessions…

Watch the short video below to see the fitness equipment that I chose to travel with and has thus far served me from the forests of Michigan to the beaches of Oregon:

The only piece of fitness equipment that I consider essential is a pull up bar.

The pull up bar that I travel with can be put together or broken down in about one minute without any tools.  Here is a link to the pull up bar that I use:  Collapsible Pull Up Bar.

The kettlebell probably gets the most use after the pull up bar.  I ordered mine from Fringe Sports.

The parallettes I made myself.  Like the pull up bar, they come apart so they are very easy to store in the van.  Here are the instructions I followed: PVC Parallettes.

The rings I got from Rogue Fitness.  If I were ordering rings today, I’d go with a wooden set like these from Fringe Sports.

The dumbbells, ab wheel, and agility cones haven’t seen much use since I started van life.  But they take up very little space and I’m happy to have them as options.  Also, for most people looking for portable equipment options I would recommend adjustable dumbbells over a kettlebell.

Here is a short video showing the equipment in action:

I post videos about my life on the road at least twice per week.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

So there you go!  That is all of the equipment that I use to stay fit while on the road.  If you have any questions about the equipment, leave them in the comments below.

Stay strong,


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