Congruency Is Key

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On the inside of my left wrist is a tattoo of the mathematical symbol for congruent.  I’ve never been a math wiz, so I’m not on the look out for triangles with sides and angles of equal measurement.  Instead, I do my best to keep my actions in accordance with my thoughts and values.  It is the disconnection between thought and action, the incongruency, that leads to frustration, guilt, and other negative emotions.


We know that we want to lose ten pounds, but find ourselves at the fast food drive-thru window.


 We tell ourselves it’s time to get out of debt, yet make another credit card purchase.


We feel attraction for someone we meet in a chance encounter, but conform to societal norms by avoiding eye contact and keeping quiet instead of smiling and saying hello.


These misfires between what we think and what we do lead to internal turmoil that drains our energy and perpetuates a cycle of inaction.  I’m far from perfect in keeping my actions congruent with my thoughts and values, but I know the closer I keep things in-line the smoother life goes and the more often I enter a state of “flow”.  Congruency is key.


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  1. Haha I thought it was a symbol from the Fifth Element movie. But in all seriousness I do agree with you about the misfires. Keep up these great posts.

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