Not Another Holiday Fitness Post

Did you know that there are exactly 40 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve this year?

Yep, it’s that time of year again and every fitness blogger and their momma is posting about how to handle holiday fitness and weight loss.  And that’s not a bad thing… There are some damned good posts out there, and some of my favorites that I’ve seen in the last week follow:

Nerd Fitness: How To Not Gain Weight During The Holidays

James Clear: 3 Powerful Tricks To Prevent Mindless Snacking And Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Gold Medal Bodies: 5 Holiday Feasting Tips That Actually Work

So since there are plenty of blog posts out there already about how to deal with holiday fitness, I thought I’d take a slightly different approach and make my flagship 40 Days Fit program available for 50% OFF.

Yep, I’ve dropped the price from $39.95 to $19.95, but only for 5 days.

From Thursday November 22nd until Monday November 26th, you can get the 40 Days Fit program for just $19.95.  Plus bonuses.

To get the full details, CLICK HERE.

The following will only be available if you get the 40 Days Fit program between now and Monday November 26:

The Holiday Survival Audio.  I’ve intentionally kept this short and sweet.  Why? Because at just over 10 minutes it’s the perfect length to listen to in your car as you drive to that office party or family gathering where you know you would typically eat too much.  Let my soothing voice (sarcasm noted) guide you to choices that will keep you on the path of fitness and fat loss literally right before you walk in the door of potential debauchery.

The Easy Caveman Cookbook.  Ok, I could be a totally cheesy Internet marketer and say something like, “This cookbook has a value of $29.95.”  But the reality is that this cookbook sells everyday on Amazon for just $2.99.  Do I think that’s an honest reflection of it’s value?  Hell no.  There are some great recipes in this book and a good dose of my personal style of snark on top.  Best three dolla value evaaaa!

The 40 Days Fit forum.  Ok, now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty.  This is about the only way you can get coaching from me online.  I used to charge $450 for 8 weeks of coaching, but if you purchase the 40 Days Fit program by November 26 you have access to a special members only forum where you can post your diet and training journal for me to review.  And let me tell you… that is exactly what I do for private clients.  I have them keep detailed notes on their diet and training, send them to me, and then I give them guidance on what to change.  I will be doing the same thing at no additional charge for anyone who purchases the 40 Days Fit Program by November 26th and registers for the forums.

Oh, and one more thing…

20% of all gross moneys received from this sale (that’s GROSS, not net) will be donated to my good friend Joel Runyon’s Pencils of Promise  campaign.  Joel is on a mission to raise $25,000 to help kids in need get access to schools and he’s damned close to reaching his goal… I want to help him get a little bit closer.

So there you go.  I don’t know what else to tell you about this special holiday offering…

The price is 50% off…

You get a special holiday survival audio recording, my bestselling Easy Caveman Cookbook, AND access to an exclusive forum where I will absolutely check up on you every single day if you actually post your diet and training notes.

AND… you know that 20% of your purchase is going to help kids get an education that otherwise wouldn’t. ‘Tis the season.

Buy the 40 Days Fit program now by clicking here.

Stay strong,


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